Platform for picking mushrooms

1000 mm
1125 mm
535 mm
Weight of the platform
16 kg
Weight of the stool
5 kg
Scale cell size
330x360 mm
Load per 1 row
10 kg
Number of rows for shelves

The trolley is designed for picking champignons, on specialized multi-level shelves for their cultivation.

The picking is carried out from the first and second levels.

Working on a trolley when picking mushrooms from the first or second levels of the shelve is convenient and comfortable, the design is light, the support swivel wheels allow the trolley to move along the shelves by one picker, all shelves for scales and boxes are height-adjustable, available for any height of the picker.

The seat has the possibility of height adjustment, the back of the seat does not load the back, makes the work comfortable and pleasant.


Basic equipment:

  • Frame on support swivel wheels
  • Shelf for boxes, and scales with a curtain on the frame
  • Separate shelf for scales


Stool on swivel wheels


Material of manufacture:

  • Welded structures made of aluminum profile, primary alloy 6060 according to GOST 22233, DIN 573, CE 2195
  • Bearings and hardware made of stainless steel (A2)


  • Non-corrosive, welded construction
  • Long service life
  • The structure is made of aluminum profiles, stainless steel components and plastic parts are used. The design is not whimsical, does not require regular maintenance, can be washed with water
  • Can be washed, has no mechanisms requiring regular maintenance
  • Does not require a lot of storage space


Certificate of Conformity of the Factory Production Control CE2195
Certificate of Conformity of the Factory Production Control CE2195
Detailed information
Platform for picking mushrooms детализация узлов - GreenAl Mushroom
Platform frame
Removable container brackets
Removable bracket for scale
Turning wheels
Stool with turning wheels