Additional services

GreenAl maintenance department provides a full range of maintenance and repair services.

Timely and experienced maintenance and repair of the equipment will en-sure its long lifetime as well as will keep your business running smooth.
Flexible approach to maintenance and repair works enables us to establish list of works, payment mode, timeline and warranty procedures on individual basis. Cost of maintenance and repair is calculated individually for every client.

  • Our maintenance department will ensure highest level of services being equipped with the world top level tools.
  • Permanent stock of original spare parts and disposables at our company's warehouse enables us to satisfy customer's needs fully and timely.
  • We are also offering training services to customers, which will enable you to perform some maintenance and repair works timely and with high level of quality.


Types of maintenance:

  • One-off maintenance: one-off maintenance is performed upon request from customer, when a group of maintenance workers visits customer and solves the issue as per the mutually approved technical specification.
  • Regular maintenance: maintenance run on a special interval (monthly/quarterly basis) as per the technical specification , with technical checks, maintenance and repair works.


List of maintenance services:

  • installation/disassembly of equipment purchased
  • assembly/disassembly of racks
  • assembly and putting into operation of outboard trolley and additional equipment
  • warranty maintenance
  • postwarranty maintenance
  • repair of equipment
  • external examination, diagnostics and malfunction detection
  • checks, replacement of broken parts and design elements
  • elimination of mistakes made during assembly and installation performed by the customer
  • welding works
  • training on operations, assembly and maintenance
  • spare parts delivery
  • cleaning and washing of equipment
  • consultation on maintenance and repair works


GreenAl maintenance department: +7 (8552) 77-88-03
Email address for service requests: