Shelving for mushroom growing

Length of the rack
30 m (standard)
Width (inner)
1.34 m (standard)
Width (outer)
1.5m (standard)
Shelving height
from 2.8 m to 5 m
Number of decks (shelves)
from 3 to 7
Support leg interval
1.5 / 3 m
Deck (shelf) height
600 mm
Side height
180 mm
Shelving weight
1 900 kg
Design load
195 kg/m2

Shelving for industrial mushroom growing in specialized facilities with loading and unloading machines.

Shelvings for mushroom growing come as sets of parts and fastening components ready for installation at customer’s facilities. Number and quantity of shelves are customizable.

Main elements of the rack:
  • load bearing racks
  • crossbars of the main racks
  • sides
  • shelves profiles (horizontal bars)
  • end-face crossbars (made from reinforced material)
  • removable end-face sides
  • rail mounting brackets (made from reinforced material)
  • rails (upper and lower)
  • fastening components (stainless steel)

All shelvings for mushroom growing elements are made from high quality aluminium profile made in house.
Shelving material: aluminium alloy 6060 according to GOST 22233, DIN573, CE2195 standards.
Fastening components material: stainless steel A2 (AISI 304 /AISI 305).

<b>Certificate of conformity</b>
№РОСС RU.HA34.H00786 approved by the Russian Federal agency on technical regulations and metrology.
Certificate of conformity №РОСС RU.HA34.H00786 approved by the Russian Federal agency on technical regulations and metrology.
Detailed information
Shelving for mushroom growing детализация узлов - GreenAl Mushroom
Upper watering beam made for fitting of automatic watering system above the upper shelf and for reinforcement of the structure
Connection point of upper and lower rails:a single connection bracket is used, which ensures a stable fixation of the rail without using additional fastening components
Removable end-face side:at each extremity of the shelf there is a removable side for a quick creation of a closed space
End-face crossbars: made from reinforced profile for assuring additional solidity of the structure and for allowing the use of loading machine and loading unloading winch
Connection point of the sides: sides are connected to each rack by a double bolt connection from stainless steel which ensures a high robustness
All fastening elements are made from stainless steel
Shelf design load is 195 kg/m2