Picking trolley for lower beds

1 400 / 1 930 mm
450 mm
787 / 987 mm
Structure weight
17 kg
Load capacity
120 kg
Removable shelf load
20 kg
Permissible load on the seat
90 kg
Seat material
Seat adjustable horizontally
Scale platform height is adjustable
Turning wheels
Picking trolley for lower beds for manual mushroom harvesting from lower shelves of the shelving.
Specification: frame with turning wheels; cells for 400х300х110 mm containers; seat horizontally adjusted along the frame.
Certificate of Conformity of the Factory Production Control CE 2195
Detailed information
Support leg with adjustable height
Removable shelves for containers: accident-proof corners
Turning wheels ensure trolley’s mobility
Trolley’s frame made from a single profile to ensure structure’s solidity
Horizontally adjustable harvester’s seat