Picking lorry Premium

3 520 mm*
1 937 mm
600 (workplace 530 mm)
Fence height
110 mm
Load capacity
170 kg
63 kg

The lorry is designed for picking mushrooms on specialized multi-level shelving for growing.

It is installed by hanging on the rails of the shelving, followed by the picking of mushrooms. Picking from the first level and above. Lifting of the platform is carried out by means of a manual winch, to the required level of the shelf. Curtain on the platform on the carriage, with locking locks. The shelf for boxes is placed on the platform frame, has slots for height adjustment. The size of the shelves for plastic boxes is 400x300x110 mm.


Basic equipment:

  • Frame with one ladder
  • Carriage with hand winch on the right and at shoulder level
  • The platform is removable with retainers
  • Removable drawer shelf, with curtain platform frame



Bucket Ring

The bucket ring is rotatable. Fixes the bucket in a fixed position, organizing the workplace


The structure is made of aluminum profile, primary alloy 6060 / T6 according to GOST 22233, DIN 573, CE 2195. Bearings and hardware are made of stainless steel (A2).


The following design elements ensure safety:

  1. Platform flooring made of corrugated sheet / cut-through.
  2. Longitudinal movement with locking of the support wheel.
  3. The safety mechanism, which works constantly during the descent of the platform, protects against accidental breakage of the cable.
  4. The stop bracket on the frame provides a lock against derailment.
  5. Parking brake, for locking the support wheels
  6. Fence with a height of 1100 mm, folding gates with locking locks.


Advantages of the Premium type suspension trolley:

  • Large storage capacity for crates
  • Meets all safety standards
  • Easy lifting (does not require much physical strength)
  • Collect mushrooms from the first to the top tier, without reinstalling the platform
  • Convenience - when transporting from camera to camera on the side, due to the transport wheels
  • Not subject to corrosion
  • Long service life
  • Does not require much storage space


* the height of the trolley frame for the individual size of the customer's rack

Certificate of Conformity of the Factory Production Control CE2195
Certificate of Conformity of the Factory Production Control CE2195
Detailed information
Picking lorry Premium детализация узлов - GreenAl Mushroom
Support wheels, stainless steel bearings:
Easy movement along the shelf
Parking brake:
Safe operation while stationary.
Provides structural rigidity
Ease of climbing and descending
Hand winch carriage: Provides easy ascent and descent, convenient location, saves time.
Fencing: Safety during picking
Drawer shelf:
Easy height adjustment, suitable for all types of scales
Aluminum Corrugated Sheet Platform Decking: Feel the confidence to work safely while working.