Picking lorry

1 950 mm
3 130 mm
610 mm
59 kg
Load capacity
170 kg
Wheel bearings (stainless steel)
Fastening components (stainless steel)
Picking lorry braking mechanism (safety)
Fail-safe mechanism for prevention of accidental falling of the platform (safety)
Platform adaptation for the necessary rack height
Mushroom weighing platform (with adjustable height)
Lifting device (manual winch with braking mechanism)
Winch cable (stainless steel)
Platform floor (aluminium, corrugated sheet)
Platform railing with a turning gate (handrail from shaped tube)
Structure solidity (diagonal beams)

Picking lorry for mushroom gathering from the second shelf of the rack and higher. A welded structure from aluminium profiles consisting of: frame with a ladder; carriage with a manual winch; platform with railing; platform for weighing and sizing mushrooms.

Technical specifications

  • Picking lorry is manufactured as per to the dimensions needed by the customer
  • Material: aluminium alloy 6060 according to GOST 22233, DIN 573, CE 2195 standards
  • Safety is assured by: brake for horizontal movement of the picking lorry on the rails of the shelf, by a fail-safe lock protecting from a hazard sliding off and by an emergency brake for cases of emergency rupture of the winch cable
  • Platform height is adjustable according to the needed height of the rack
  • Height of the shelf for scales is adjustable
  • Platform is lifted with a manual winch. Winch has a lock mechanism preventing an accidental unreeling of the cable (stainless 6 mm cable)
  • Platform floor is corrugated, with a non-slipping protection surface
  • Cradle railing is made of shaped tube and turning gate
  • Storage for plastic containers size 400x300x110 mm
  • Structure’s solidity is assured by vertical beams installed at the corners of the picking lorry’s and platform’s frames


Certificate of conformity №РОСС RU.HA34.H00786 approved by the Russian Federal agency on technical regulations and metrology
Detailed information
Parking brake for blocking of the upper wheel
Trolley ladder for reaching lower shelves of the rack
Wheels for relocating to the washing and storage sites
Manual drum winch with brake for lifting and putting down the platform
Platform floor is made from corrugated sheet metal
Accident proof protection of sharp corners
Turning handrail of the cradle for opening and limiting access into the working zone of the platform. Ensures extra safety for the personnel
Platform for mushrooms weighing
Meant for installation of scales and containers size 300x400x110mm. Platform height is adjustable.
Winch cable from stainless steel 6 mm section
Closed wheel bearings from stainless steel